The rain in Spain….

ACCEPT research project is already on its fourteenth month and over that period a lot of progress has been made. The three main components of the system, namely the CoOpApp, SiMaApp and the Dashboard are now on the development stage of the first prototypes and the technical teams are working hard towards the completion of a first iteration.

Last February, the consortium met in Madrid for their 4th plenary meeting, following an extraordinary technical meeting in Bremen, held in December 2015. A mock-up of the Profile Nexus was presented at the plenary by Fraunhofer Italia and everyone had a chance to get a first impression of a number of potential functions of the application. This will be used as a basis for the ongoing development of the system and especially the SiMaApp and the interaction with the Quality and Data profiles.

During the plenary, satellite task group sessions consisting of interdisciplinary teams of User and Technical partners were held, focusing on the three Pillars of ACCEPT: Advanced Knowledge Transfer for Energy-efficient Construction (Pillar I), Agile project coordination for Bridging Heterogeneity (Pillar II) and Adaptive Quality Assurance with self-inspection features (Pillar III). The scope of this task was to bring together peers from both the User and Technical partners in order to exchange ideas from each other’s perspective, thereby establishing a consistent approach for the development of the first prototypes. This has proved to be a very constructive exercise and resulted in the harmonisation of anticipations and working plans, in order to achieve tangible results which are aligned with the pilot planning.

The partners were also involved in discussions regarding the preparation of the Pilots, aiming at a streamlined and homogenized Piloting process. Ingleton Wood, who leads the Piloting Work Package, presented a detailed road map for the planning and implementation of the Pilots, the level of integration with the Technical Partners and an overview of the activities involved in each Pilot.

Dissemination activities were also on the agenda, since a strategy is already in place and the partners have started undertaking their responsibilities. Ingleton Wood are responsible for overseeing and managing this task. Apart from this website, a Twitter account has already been set-up and running, where all the latest information and peers’ activities are published almost daily.

Equally important has been the discussion about the forthcoming workshop in Malaga, Spain, which is scheduled for this May. Ferrovial Agroman is going to host this event in cooperation with the University of Malaga. During the workshop some educational as well as leisure activities are being planned, so that all participants will have the chance to get informed about the latest developments in the field and at the same time take advantage of the nice location and have some fun.

During the next months the consortium will be focusing on two significant milestones. One, as already mentioned, is the forthcoming workshop in Malaga, Spain and the other is the first EC review that will be held in Brussels, Belgium this June, where the first working prototypes of the three ACCEPT applications will be presented.



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