Rosenheim plenary meeting

ACCEPT team met last month in Rosenheim, Germany. Fraunhofer-Institut fur Bauphysik IBP) hosted the meeting and we had the chance to visit the testing facilities of IBP in Holzkirchen. There we could see some of the institute’s very interesting programs, ranging from climate conditions testing in an Airbus plane to bubble gum stack on pavement floor tiles!


Membrane testing facility at IBP


Bubble Gum testing at IBP


Facade materials testing at IBP

During the event, we attended an exploitation seminar. During the seminar, we had the chance to identify potential market opportunities stemming from ACCEPT project. The first day of the meeting was dedicated mostly to the seminar and the results were very positive, both for the participants and the instructor.

The following days were dedicated to plenary meetings and presentations of the developed prototypes of the system. Since the project is now on its final stage, the focus was mainly on bringing ACCEPT to the field and putting into rigorous and comprehensive testing, to ensure that the functionalities are working as expected and evaluate the project results.

EPITESSERA is leading the two Pilots, which are currently in progress in Nicosia. The new NEWHAM building of the English School in Nicosia is being used as the primary pilot site. An alternative, smaller size site is also used to test the drying process of concrete screed using cyber-physical sensors in conjunction with a drying algorithm developed by IBP to forecast when the screed is dry enough to accept the next layer.

The results of the tests are expected in the near future and new information will be available on our website and on the project’s website soon.

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