Pilots under way

EPITESSERA has started the implementation of the Pilots for ACCEPT research project. The Pilots are currently running on two of EPITESSERA projects. One is a three storey residential building in Aglantzia, Nicosia and the other one is the new Newham Building at the English School in Nicosia.

The Pilots are part of the testing and validation procedure of ACCEPT. At the moment EPI is monitoring the screed drying process, at the residential building, using a weather station manufactured by Ascora, who is the leading partner of the project, to measure air temperature and relative humidity of the air in the room where the screed was installed. The data is then transferred wirelessly to the Quality Profile of the project, designed by Fraunhofer IEC and developed by IDS, the partner from University of Liege and displayed on charts on the system’s Dashboard, which was developed again by IDS.


The information collected from the site is then used to forecast the drying potential of the screed, using an algorithm developed by Fraunhofer IBP and the results are displayed on the Dashboard.

Already, there are some first results, which demonstrate that the whole scenario is working successfully and the evaluation of the system can be considered as positive.

It’s also important to notice that the whole procedure involved five different partners from four countries: Germany, Italy, Belgium and Cyprus, which demonstrates the successful cooperation of the consortium regardless of nationality or location.


More results are expected soon to confirm the efficiency of the system, so keep in touch as further news are coming.

For more information about ACCEPT and the consortium partners you can visit the project’s website at

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