In Brussels for the Final Review of ACCEPT

EPITESSERA was in Brussels last month with the rest of the ACCEPT consortium for the final review of the project. It was a very important presentation for the project since it would demonstrate the full potential of the system to the reviewers for the first time.

For the presentation, the consortium decided to demonstrate the integrated functionalities of the ACCEOPT system by simulating a real-life scenario in the presentation room.

This was a big challenge for the team. In order to prepare the necessary digital information and visual assets, the user partners from Belgium (EJD) visited the room in advance and created a 2D plan of the meeting room, using the scanner functionality of ACCEPT.

Then, the floor plan was transformed in a BIM model, with integrated metadata for all the building components and exported to the system server, namely the Visual Wiki, using the special plugin developed in the scope of the project by CYPE.

The presentation started with the technical demo. During the demo, the system and all related functionalities worked flawlessly, satisfying the experts and the consortium expectations. The results demonstrated the importance of such a tool for the Construction Quality assessment and therefore the reviewers were convinced that this is a tool with great potentials.

Overall, the feedback received was very positive and now the partners are patiently waiting for the formal results of the review.

Looking back over the past three years of the project duration, we can safely say that this has been a very exciting project for us. It was the first time that we were participating in such a project and no doubt we have learned a lot from our involvement.

EPITESSERA is now looking into the next year with great anticipation to use the new tools, knowledge and expertise gained from the project on everyday field practice to ensure that the same level of care and quality defined in the design of our buildings is maintained throughout the whole construction period.


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