How can Technology improve construction processes?

Construction industry has always been reluctant to accept new information technologies in order to change the way every stakeholder shares information. For example, in the old days, people used a “Green Book” or triplicate forms and tried to fax a dirty copy back to their main office. Or, in other cases, none of the subcontractors would turn in a report to the Site manager. However, in recent times, when technology is emerging and even more solutions are being developed for the construction field, the ways of the old days have come to an END!

Now, with the use of innovative technologies from the daily reports are easily emailed or backed up to your server everyday. There are many apps that allow a user to take notes in the field and push them to responsible parties in real time. There are free apps, free apps that charge you for using advanced functions, and paid apps.

In this context ACCEPT is developing a platform that will allow the user to perform a thorough Quality check and detail a site’s activities for the day and distribute a report to the whole team. After completing reports these items can be emailed to a central location, called the Visual Wiki and accessed by everyone involved in the project.

The app lets users detail their sites activities such as…
Number of crews on site
Daily Survey

The Daily Survey details items such as…

Any accidents on the site,
Any schedule delays occur,
Did weather cause any delays,
Any visitors to the site,
Any ares that cannot be worked on

App users can also log into the web-based application of the system, namely the Dashboard for viewing completed reports, read sensor data, check the project status and a news feed about recent activity.

At the moment, the system prototypes run on Android mobile devices and are on the piloting stage. If you have not already visited the project’s website please go to  to read about all the latest developments and also forthcoming activities and workshops of ACCEPT.

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