EPITESSERA at Digital Construction Week

Digital Construction Week takes place each year in London and hosts the latest developments in construction related information technologies.It’s the only event series in the UK dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing, and operation.

Digital Construction Week 2017

Digital Construction Week 2017

This year, DCW was held at EXCEL in the East London, on the 18th and 19th of October. The event series featured a two day exhibition with interactive, hands on demonstrations, free to attend seminars, workshops and classes. Networking events, and a full two day thought leadership conference programme.

EPITESSERA Architects were present at the expo, as exhibitors and part of ACCEPT consortium, to present the latest results of the research project and raise awareness between professionals of the construction sector.

There was great interest from visitors in the technologies that ACCEPT has to propose. The feedback received from visitors was very positive and we had the chance to promote the research and create a network base for future dissemination.

The ACCEPT stand was prepared especially for the exhibition with the contribution of all the partners. The design was envisaged as an under construction building which could be seen as completed using the BIM Explorer.


ACCEPT Stand at the DCW

BIM Explorer is a 3D real time navigation tool, developed in the scope of the project, which uses exported BIM models from Revit and displays them on the screen of a Tango enabled device on the site.

A special plugin, developed from another partner in ACCEPT makes the export from Revit to BIM Explorer possible.

Overall, the show this year was focused on Virtual Reality and most of the exhibitors were demonstrating this kind of solutions for the construction industry.

Project management and field reporting on-site was another major focus point for many exhibitors. In this field solutions proposing digital tools which enable real-time on-site digital reporting were presented. The main goal here was to eliminate the use of hand written forms and enhance the effectiveness of on-site field reporting in such a way that the amount of time needed for traditional methods can be reduced and used more efficiently for other more productive tasks.

General View of the Expo

General View of the Expo

In general, the impression from DCW was that technology is gaining more and more ground in the construction field, a sector that historically has not been very keen in using latest technologies. However, it seems that this fact is changing and in a few years, technology will be of paramount importance for the daily tasks on a construction site.

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