ACCEPTed Workflow Monitoring

One of the most time consuming and tedious tasks in the Construction field is keeping track of the daily executed work. Workflow monitoring is essential in order ensure that the work executed is within the anticipated milestones set in the project schedule.

This task usually requires effort at three different levels. Firstly, the foreman must collect the daily data and report to the Site Manager. Secondly, the Site Manager has to transfer that data in the Project’s daily log and send the forms to the Contract Administrator and finally the Contract Administrator with his team has to import the data in the collective log of the project and extract the results about the project progress, delays, overheads etc.

Site Manager describes the standard Workflow Monitoring procedure

Site Manager describes the standard Workflow Monitoring procedure

This work takes a lot of valuable time out of what could otherwise be more productively spent and creates extra cost for the contractor, which in extend reduces the overall performance in the project.

ACCEPT is developing a digital tool, which can reduce the time needed for executing that procedure and enables the collection and analysis of data in real time, just by entering the values in predefined forms.

Essentially, the Workflow Monitoring is based on predefined forms that are created automatically for the project schedule. The schedule is stored in the Project profile in the form of a Gant chart. The time from the schedule is automatically combined with Consumption rates and Crew assignment for each task to produce the Project KPIs and daily targets.

The Site Manager has merely to input the actual constructed daily work, which is then automatically and instantly analyzed and compared against the predefined thresholds. The results are presented in the form of charts which can be used for tracking the performance.

If a task is not completed based on the anticipated daily goals, the responsible person can define the reason for non-completion. In this way, the most common reasons can be analyzed and help the Contractor to take necessary measures to avoid future delays.

EPITESSERA has already tested a mockup of this tool on the Pilot Site in Nicosia and the results were very positively accepted by the Contractor. The time needed for the digital Workflow Monitoring was significantly less, more than 50%, compared to the standard procedure. Most importantly, the ability to extract statistical analysis of the reasons that usually cause delays across projects, was considered a very powerful tool to understand where thing go south and thus, take necessary measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

Testing ACCEPT Workflow Monitoring tool

Testing ACCEPT Workflow Monitoring tool

The next step is to iterate the on-site test using the SiMaApp, running a fully automated Workflow Monitoring feature. This is expected in mid September, this year and the team now is working towards this target.

More information about ACCEPT and related Pilot Activities can be found at the Project’s site

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