ACCEPT project progress review in Brussels

ACCEPT consortium has met once again in Brussels, during the last week of June for the first European Commission review. Everyone’s expectations were high, since it was the first time that the early prototypes of the system components were going to be tested in real-life conditions.


Image 1: SiMaApp displaying 3D model of the room

Our Belgian partner, Enterprise Jacques Delens, provided a very well organized test site. Even a red carpet was laid on the stairs so that everyone could climb in a safe and classy manner!

Nevertheless, the review took place on-site and everything ran smoothly and as planned in advance and the day before the review, during the rehearsal.

EPITESSERA was there to present the planning and implementation strategy for Pilot group III, which is taking place here on the island and will test the whole system under real-life conditions.

The on-site demo was based on a predefined scenario which was developed with the contribution of all the partners. The scope of the test case was to test all three platforms of ACCEPT around a common problem, in order to demonstrate the ubiquitousness of the system. During the demo, the reviewers had the chance to wear a pair of smart glasses, running the CoOpApp, and use the application to navigate through a set of data, which included Health and Safety instructions, installation details and video tutorials. The test case foresaw the installation of a special type of airtightness membrane on a window component. The idea was to use the CoOpApp as described before and then the SiMaApp to identify and confirm that the right material is going to be installed installed at the right place.

2016-06-29 13.11.14

Image 2: Sample window and ACCEPT weather station prototype

The SiMaApp was also used to relay humidity sensor readings to the Dashboard in order to combine them with weather sensor data, such as air temperature and relative humidity levels. With the use of a special algorithm that was developed for ACCEPT, those data were analyzed and compared against specified humidity thresholds in order to inform the site
manager whether conditions are met for the membrane installation.

Overall it was a successful review that coupled with the on-site demonstration of the system, convinced the reviewers that the project is on a good track and has a very promising future.

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