ACCEPT goes on-site

While the project development is well under way and we are already in the final year of the project, the prototypes have already started field testing in various locations.

In Brussels and Madrid, the CoOpApp, which is essentially the Smartglass assistant component of ACCEPT, has already been tested on-site, in the context of Pilot Group 1 and the first results were quite encouraging.

The second Pilot Group run is expected to start soon on a UK construction site.

EPITESSERA has started Piloting the Dashboard component of ACCEPT on the construction site of the new “Newham” building at the English School in Nicosia, Cyprus, in the context of Pilot Group 3. According to the Pilot plan, two different Pilots are going to be implemented. The first is going to use the early prototypes of the system, while the latter will bring the whole ACCEPT interface on the field and will use the advanced prototypes in order to test the effective integration of the components in real construction site conditions.

es site 1

es site 2

The new “Newham” Building site

Pilot Group 3 focuses on the use of Dashboard functionalities however incorporates other functionalities where they are part of the pilot plans, due to the way in which Dashboard is integrated, it is likely that this pilot group will contain the most advanced versions of the ACCEPT prototypes.

pilot group

Pilot Group 3 Workflow

The following pilot plans will be addressed in this pilot group:

  • Pilot Plan 8 – QA Checklists
  • Pilot Plan 9 – Manufacturer and Supplier Profiles
  • Pilot Plan 10 – Delivery and Inventory
  • Pilot Plan 12 – Interaction with BIM Model
  • Pilot Plan 13 – Use of Dashboard
  • Pilot Plan 17 – Document Control

The pilot group will focus on feedback from site managers, construction workers and foremen. Pilot Plans will be tested on site from a number of days to longer periods, as defined in the pilot plans and required by functionality. Feedback will be obtained using live and semi-live scenarios. The operation of the ACCEPT system will be performed in a live site insofar as it is both practical and safe to do so. It is possible that some functionality may not be testable in a live site and scenarios will be constructed to test in a controlled manner whilst keeping the testing as real as possible.

Watch a video of the Pilot site here

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